BESTAR Ceiling Fan Warranty Terms & Conditions:

Sincere appreciation for buying BESTAR Ceiling Fan.

TRIPLE D TRADING PTE LTD states that warranty period of your product; a period of 12 months is from the date of your purchase (unless stated otherwise). This appliance is proven to be defective by means of defect design, workmanship or materials and not for other reasons. We undertake upon the following conditions to repair, or at our own options to replace defective parts on conditions as listed:-

  • Warranty is ONLY valid for purchases from Singapore.
  • Warranty card must be fully completed with product descriptions, date of purchase, customer particulars and acknowledgement by Authorized dealers and mail in card to TRIPLE D TRADING PTE LTD OR register online within 10 days from date of purchase, otherwise it shall be deem invalid.
  • Warranty of the product is only applicable to the original purchaser. It shall not be transferrable, negotiable or assignable to any third party.
  • Warranty card or original purchase invoice MUST be presented to our technician staff upon request for repair or service.
  • Warranty of product shall be void immediately if the product is purchased or installed by unauthorized dealers, contractors or any sales agents.
  • Important Note: Only original mounting brackets provided can be used for the installation. Using of third party mounting bracket may result in unsafe installation. TRIPLE D TRADING PTE LTD will not be responsible and warranty shall be void.
  • At any time during warranty period, any parts of the product is or are removed, altered, tampered, serial number defaced, adjusted, dismantled, modified, repair or service by any party not authorized by us, the warranty shall be ceased immediately.
  • Additional service charge shall be imposed for appliances which are installed 10 feet/3.05m above the ground.
  • Decisions or disputes on questions pertaining to complaints as to defects either by workmanship or material shall be conclusive and customer shall agree and abide for by such decision.
  • Scratches, rust, dents, cracks, noisy, balancing of fan, dimmer control switches, power point and power plugs are not covered under warranty.
  • Servicing or repair of product after the warranty period, customer is still required to produce warranty card or original purchase invoice. A standard rate will be chargeable for all services provided which is determined by TRIPLE D TRADING PTE LTD.
  • No other party except TRIPLE D TRADING PTE LTD shall have the authority to vary the terms and conditions as stated on this document.
  • Suspension system must be inspected once yearly.

Warranty Limitations shall be subjected to these followings:

  • Use of wrong electrical supply / voltage
  • Usage not in accordance as listed in instruction booklet
  • Normal wear and tear, rusty, corrosion or stains
  • Malfunctions, losses, moisture, defects or damages resulting from act of god
  • Faulty installation or mishandling
  • Above 10 feet / 3.05 meters height installation
  • Obstruction caused to excess electrical parts or products
  • Serial number or label affixed to the appliance or part is removed, deface or altered.


Thereafter a chargeable servicing fee of S$40 (Transportation S$25/Trip & Labour Charge S$15/unit; inclusive of 7% GST) will be imposed.


Gentle Reminder: It is recommended to conduct regular examination of the fan suspension system at least once in every 2 years.